By working with other companies, we realized that their environmental print was huge .

We realized that as human beings we speak about change but when it affects our comfort zone, we are not willing to give it up. More and more we were facing this reality.

This company is founded by people from different parts of the world, people that travelled and saw how global warming, wars, and internal conflicts are affecting human beings and our planet.

We have had to stare In the eyes of people that were really suffering.

We have looked it in the eyes of people exactly likes us, that their only sin was being born on the wrong side of the world, in the wrong social status, lacking opportunities and help, and for so many years we didn’t think we could do anything about it. That we could make a difference, we were hopeless employees.

Until we found each other, that is when we realized that together we could achieve something, and that we weren’t alone in this fight. There were other people questioning the system and willing to try, at least to try making a change.

We questioned ourselves, how can we bring a child to this world that is on fire? we asked ourselves how we could create a business that would bring us professional success, but while we would be actually HELPING .

People that we met all over the world help us build that faith, people that trusted us, that helped us, and that celebrate our attempt, they encourage us to keep going with our dream, our fight.

We are idealistic, we have a hard path to walk, and we are not perfect. But something is sure, Kayzen was born to make this world a better place .

Join us in this fight to save our Mother Earth , and US ALONG THE WAY.